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10 Tips How To Improve Your Website From, micro to large scale companies, government to private sector, juvenile to youth has their own websites. But, how to attract the visitors. They come to know, who are you? what you do?

Here are our best tips to do just that:

1. Visual content As per study, we have seen that people who reply to just content is 30% and people responding to Video is 50%. Combining both, takes the rate card to 80% conversion rate. So, yes this year belongs to Visual Content. You can have a website with background video, we have professionals who can help you with that.

2. Engaging content As we all know, this year is dedicated to content marketing. So, its clear whatever you are writing and proposing should not only be readable but app-laudable whether you are writing for food, travel or IT. If, the content is good, traffic increases with little touch of images respective to the content, Boost the traffic.

3. Social interaction Maximum population is youth these days, who are active almost 24 hours a day. So, once again one has the opportunity to actively participate in the social media platform. This interactive platform is easy way to market your product, without spending much though. When you start your profiles, be sure to be active and available to your followers.

4. Listen to your audience Congrats! If you are getting replies and comments on your content. It means, people are following and reading your content. Even, if the feedback is poor, its important to address that too. Gaining trust of your reader or your customer or your client is all what you want at the end of the day !

5. Keep up with trends Trend, is not a new word to the people living in 21st century. But, it is for some people who still follow traditional roots. So, its very important to stay true and authentic.

6. Have a contact form Contact form at your site, help the reader who wants to connect with you. Can easily get access of you. Which, can be sorted easily by placing a contact form.

7. Mobile is everything Responsive behavior is something we have been hearing since a decade. People are used to phones these days rather carrying a laptop along. So, it is mandatory that your website be user-friendly.

8. SEO reviews Doing an SEO review on your website on a consistent basis will help you see if you are doing everything required to ensure good traffic. There might be something you are missing and with SEO being important for growth, this is something to keep your eyes on.

9. High quality content High quality content doesn’t mean, to deli ever the content SEO friendly only! Even though you have to consider SEO when writing. But, that should not be your main focus at all. If you are covering a topic, make sure your content is relevant and different from others.

10. Share yourself Share yourself, wont mean to let people know what you had in breakfast or lunch or dinner ! It means, to share what you are, what you know about(different,ofcourse!). Let people know, thru your words about yourself!!

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